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From paint defects to swirl marks we can make your paint look better than new!

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If you just purchased a new car there is no better time to protect the exterior and interior of your investment.


We understand everyone’s needs are different. Let us customize a package that fits your car and lifestyle perfectly!
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"It was so convenient to have Jimbo come to my house to detail my car while my 2-year-old slept. I had some stains on my seats and now my seats look brand new!! So pleased! I will definitely be using him again!"

-Katie C.

"Jimbo truly does an amazing job with cars – it’s so nice to have a clean car again!"

-Catherine P.

"I am constantly driving all over LA and Orange counties. Hardly have time between clients, forget getting my car detailed…but this amazing dude met me at a gym I work out if and did a great job on a car that hasn’t been washed in months. My car is super clean. I just wanted it “not dirty”. Thanks for the excellent final product."

-Howard R.

"Bought a fancy new car 6 months ago, and couldn’t bear to bring it to the neighborhood car wash. Called Jimbo, and he’s been coming to our house every few weeks to wash the car since then. Scheduling is easy (I schedule via email), prices are reasonable. He’s always on time, professional and pleasant. Definitely recommend."

-Jeannette L.

"Love this service!

Jimbo comes right to my work, and details my truck while I am working!

Super easy and affordable.

He gives great knowledge and tips for maintaining my truck between washes as well.


Thanks Jimbo!

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